Are you a corporation that is looking to support children and play?

Ways You Can Collaborate with PoH

Playground of Hope
Let Your Employees Build a Play Set
Whether in disaster zones, at children’s homes, or in your local community, there are countless facilities in need of more play equipment. Help those places while also giving your employees the opportunity to volunteer and team build, and to leave behind something that will benefit children for generations.

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We’ve built over 70 play sets throughout Japan with the help of companies like yours.

Play Training
Provide Play Training to Your Employees
We can hold a seminar at your office to teach your employees about play – why it is important and how it can be used as an educational and development tool. Whether it is a group of newgrads, working moms, or individuals passionate about the topic, everyone can benefit from understanding play more.

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Let Your Employees Revitalize a Play Space
On top of the facilities in need of a new play set, there are also facilities where play conditions can be significantly improved by doing a maintenance on their play equipment or installing an extra play item or two. We can coordinate a project tailored to your number of volunteers, budget, and other needs for you.

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Free Play Festival
Hold a Free Play Festival in Your Community
One of the best ways to support a local community is by sponsoring a festival. With our Free Play Festival, you can turn a park near your office, factory, or store into a magical place filled with people and play for a day. All that while creating bonds among your company, employees, and local community.

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Learn why we believe play needs to be supported and promoted in Japan.

RLLC Partner
Become One of Our RLLC Partners
As children from children’s homes are required to leave the home when they turn 21, they often struggle with the sudden transition into “real life.” To help with that transition, we partner with companies to offer those children a chance to have a real time experiences ranging from working on projects all the way to internships before they have to leave the home.

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In-Kind Donation
Support Our Cause Through Donations
While we are always excited to work together with our partners volunteers, we are also always seeking financial donations to support projects in locations that are difficult to get to. Furthermore, we are always happy to talk about the possibilities of in-kind donations – whether in form of software that might help our office staff or refreshments for our events, or anything else.

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