nstallation: Friday, July 27th, 2018
Address: Kawado, Chuo, Chiba, Chiba
Sponsor: Elliott Management, Hilton Worldwide
Supported by Helping Hands

The first time we came across this field, the inviting feel of the open space and the beauty of the surrounding nature made us feel like we’ve found the perfect blank canvas to paint on; it was a perfect space to build a playground of every child’s (and of course every grown-up’s) dreams. Lucky for us, that picture-perfect image that we drew in our heads became a reality with the support of Elliott Management and Hilton Worldwide International LLC! When “Chiba Mirai Hibiki no Mori Gakuen” was established 5 years ago, it did not have an outside playground where the kids could run around freely. However, last year, the landowner who owned the field just across the children’s home kindly offered the space to be made into a playground. Ever since then, the teachers of the home and the people of the neighborhood have been working hard to get rid of the overgrowing grass that completely covered the place, and little by little they have opened up a neat space. Thanks to their incredible effort, the children from the children’s home and the kids from the neighborhood finally have a place to run around and play together!
Since this land was originally a rice-field, the ground was too soft to build a playset on right away, so there needed to be some extra prep work done beforehand; constructing the underdrains, adding soil, and hardening the ground. Thanks to the volunteers from the Helping Hands, the ground was ready for the playsets.
On the 27th of July, with the help of approximately 100 volunteers joining us from the Hilton Worldwide International Japan LLC., the construction of the playground finally commenced! The children from Hibiki no Mori also actively participated with the set-up. They all did a magnificent job with elementary schoolers building bird houses and bird feeders to hang up on the trees, and the junior-high to high school kids building the large playsets and benches. On top of that, for the first time in POH history, a pond reform was done, as well as an installation of a slackline area, and we took advantage of the tall-standing grass to make a super complex maze!
With the overpowering strength and energy of the Hilton volunteers and the children of Hibiki no Mori, the playground was transformed into a beautiful park at the end! We celebrated this victory with a barbeque party and 150 balloons were flown off to the sky by the joyous children’s hands.

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