Installation: Saturday, July 21st, 2018
Address: Mariyatsu, Kisarazu, Chiba
Sponsor: Hilton Tokyo Bay

It was a crazy hot weather in Kisarazu, Chiba on July 21st when the children’s home “No-no-Hana no Ie” was finally equipped with a beautiful playset donated by Hilton Tokyo Bay.
The welfare organization “Ichiryu-Kai” supports both Japanese and foreign mothers and children who have faced unprivileged living situations in Japan by providing shelters alongside with the children’s home. The children’s home is located in the middle of a rich forest and has a large space for the children to play. However, because the home did not formerly have proper playsets the children could play with, their only method of relieving stress was to dig up holes. With the new playsets, children from No-no-Hana and its neighborhood finally have a space to play together.
The children helped volunteers cool down using a water spraying device (some children even got a bit naughty and brought in their water guns to shoot the volunteers!). The mist shower splashed on by the children was one of the best things that happened to the volunteers that day.
We also got a delighting comment from a volunteer from Hilton.
“It melted my heart when the children couldn’t wait to play with the new playset and excitedly kept on asking us when they can play with it with their sparkling eyes. And when we saw them playing with the newly built play set with a huge smile on their faces… it felt extremely rewarding and almost got me teary”.
We couldn’t agree more! We are the ones who are always given so much energy from the incredible children and volunteers!

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